The Top 5 Best Launchpads In The Crypto Industry, who will be the sixth?

  1. The Qube Launchpad

But we have a new challenger, that’s CRODO and what we know about this launchpad and their team.

Crodo is the first IDO platform in the Cronos network (the EVM of the unexpected fall of the exchange). The platform uses decentralized ecosystem assembly tools in Cronos for projects at an early stage of development on favorable terms for both the environment and the application.
During the creation of the platform, the developers wanted to take their project to a new level of usability and become an example for others. Therefore, after analyzing the existing offer on the market, it was decided to offer users the following features:

How to participate in Crodo IDO?

Each project goes through a series of stages in order to achieve the distribution of coins among the participants:

  1. Registration in the white list where users can apply to participate.
  2. Lottery. At this time, the winners are determined — the participants of the white list.
  3. Sales — Members must purchase the allocation as soon as possible.
  4. Distribution — everyone who bought the distribution receives project tokens.

Staking and lottery tickets

The distribution of tokens in Crodo IDO works on the principle of a lottery, the more lottery tickets received, the higher the chance to receive an allocation and its volume. In order to receive lottery tickets, you need to have Crod tokens in the Crodo staking pool. The larger the size of your pool of tokens in staking and the longer you keep them there, the higher your account level, and therefore the larger the size of the allocation. While staking Crod tokens, you are credited with Gravity, the amount of which increases your level.
Crodo Launchpad has 6 user account levels:

Why Cronos chain?

Looking at the development of, the team began to understand the scope of its distribution around the world. The company stood out not only with large-scale marketing, but also with really useful features:


Crodo Launchpad is a young project and at the moment it is too early to talk about its future success. Nevertheless, this is the first launch pad in the Cronos network and it may well repeat the success of such strong projects as Bybit Launchpad or Huobi Primelilst.



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