The Top 5 Best Launchpads In The Crypto Industry, who will be the sixth?

But we have a new challenger, that’s CRODO and what we know about this launchpad and their team.

A telegram bot has been developed that will warn you in advance about important updates.

Crodo servers work on the CDN principle and are protected from DDos via CloudFlare. The site is hosted in Kubernetes on dynamically created virtual servers in DigitalOcean.

Titles have been introduced for storing tokens, which are reset when tokens are withdrawn from the site.

An ambassador program has been created with the ability to send tasks, control their status, view the balance of points earned, reminders of new tasks, a competitive system, and an affiliate program.

Project integration options have been developed to attract an audience for real use.

How to participate in Crodo IDO?

Staking and lottery tickets

Tier 1 “Star” — 1 lottery ticket (requires 100 Gravity).
Tier 2 “Red Giant” — 12 lottery tickets (requires 1000 Gravity).
Tier 3 “Supernova” — 100 lottery tickets (requires 5000 Gravity).
Tier 4 “Neutron Star” — 300 lottery tickets (requires 10000 Gravity).
Tier 5 “Pulsar” — guaranteed allocation (requires 50000 Gravity).
Tier 6 “Black Hole” — guaranteed allocation (requires Tier 5 + Admiral title).

Crodo Launchpad has 5 user titles:

Crewman — the base title.
Ensign — 1 month staking of Crod tokens (+15% Gravity).
Commander — 3 months staking of Crod tokens (+20% Gravity).
Captain — 6 months of staking Crod tokens (+25% Gravity).
Admiral — 12 months of staking Crod tokens (+30 Gravity).

Why Cronos chain?

1. A payment system that allows you to quickly establish the ability to accept cryptocurrencies on your site.
2.The exchange, which is already in 11th place according to
3.Mobile application — wallet.
4.Credit loans.
5.VISA payment cards.




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