The Top 5 Best Launchpads In The Crypto Industry, who will be the sixth?

  1. The Qube Launchpad

But we have a new challenger, that’s CRODO and what we know about this launchpad and their team.

How to participate in Crodo IDO?

  1. Registration in the white list where users can apply to participate.
  2. Lottery. At this time, the winners are determined — the participants of the white list.
  3. Sales — Members must purchase the allocation as soon as possible.
  4. Distribution — everyone who bought the distribution receives project tokens.

Staking and lottery tickets

Why Cronos chain?


Crodo Launchpad is a young project and at the moment it is too early to talk about its future success. Nevertheless, this is the first launch pad in the Cronos network and it may well repeat the success of such strong projects as Bybit Launchpad or Huobi Primelilst.




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