Blue Move: Introduction

3 min readOct 24, 2022


BlueMove is an NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui, focused on the community

BlueMove is the first community-driven NFT marketplace on the Aptos and Sui blockchains. But what does “community driven” mean, or as they called it in the original “community priority”?

Perhaps the term “used to make money” would be closer to some here. But BlueMove has gone even further, and not only rewards traders, collectors, and minters for using the project, but also strongly incentivizes active members of the community.

The main prizes are divided into 5 parts:

1) Sales commission
On NFT sales, BlueMove receives a base commission of 2% (on all NFT sales, except individual sales).

All APT and SUI tokens received as a commission at the end of each period (every 86,500 Aptos blocks — about once a day) are distributed to MOVE staking.

How soon will I be able to receive the reward?

Anytime, even daily. Just charge gas to account at each brand revard.

What if I don’t get respawns on the day they are accumulated?

Nothing, of course. As long as you keep MOVE in your steak, respawns will be credited and aggregated daily. You’ll be able to brand them all together at any convenient time. For example, when gas prices fall.

2) Keywords to list
Are you an NFT collector and trader? Get MOVE tokens just by placing NFTs for sale on BlueMove!

What are the criteria for listings to earn points?

Earn “Listing Rewards” points every 10 minutes for all the NFTs you put up for sale on BlueMove if you meet the following criteria:

The NFT on display is included in one of the top 15 most relevant collections by 24-hour volume (updated every 10 minutes);
listing is an active and enforceable order;
the list price is not less than 140% of the average price of the collection;
Listings must be valid for at least 10 minutes and not canceled within 1 hour of each 10-minute snapshot to be eligible for points during this time period.
Is there a suitable NFT collection?

In addition to the above criteria for individual listings, the collections themselves must meet the following criteria to be eligible to post rewards.

the number of items in the collection ≤ 100,000;

When are points calculated and distributed?

Once a day, each user’s points balance will be used to determine their MOVE reward for that day. Rewards are prorated among all users and can be branded to them daily at 11:00 (UTC), along with commercial views (next entry).

3) Trading Bonus
Very simple — trade any NFT on BlueMove and get MOVE tokens for it.

As the platform wants to be the most liquid NFT market, trading rewards are widely distributed, stimulating the activity of early users.

How does the trading bonus work?

All users who make a purchase/sale of any NFT through BlueMove receive a trading reward in the form of MOVE, the token of the BlueMove platform.

Yes, yes, both buyers and sellers get rewards! Rewards are accrued according to sales volume (except for private transactions).

Revards are awarded daily. In total, they will be accumulated for 43,250,000 Aptos blocks (approximately 721 days). After that, all MOVE token emissions will stop, as the ecosystem will become completely self-sufficient.

How many MOVE tokens are allocated for trading rewards?

Trading Revards are awarded in 4 stages with different reward pools. Overall, early adopters receive the most rewards.

How is the trading bonus calculated?

Daily trading rewards are calculated based on each user’s trading volume on BlueMove as a percentage of the total trading volume on the platform, excluding individual sales.

Which collectibles are suitable for trade rewards?

NFTs from all collections available on BlueMove are eligible for trading rewards. This means that any NFT you buy or sell on BlueMove (aside from individual sales) earns you a reward!

Will I get a transaction fee if I buy NFT with an aggregator like Genie and Gem?

Have! You can earn rewards directly from these platforms instead of through the BlueMove trading rewards page.

This is because when you use aggregators like Gem or Genie to buy NFTs, the synthetic contract interacts directly with the contract on the BlueMove marketplace. This means that the volume generated actually refers to this contract address along with all the trading rewards. And the aggregator itself distributes the prizes to the users.

But in general, before trading through a particular aggregator, we recommend that you learn from it in principle the presence of such a function and individual